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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Great turn out at Welcome Back Sunday, plus some other thoughts

Welcome Back Sunday

Word got around, apparently.
Many people out to church on Sunday, and how good it was to be back with everyone after some time away. 
Three offers of much needed help (driving to get donated bread each week for the food bank, for example, singing in the choir). Thank you to those people!
People seemed to be in good spirits. Nothing like some summer weather and perhaps a change of routine to help one appreciate one's blessings. In the middle of the discussion about warm welcomes we had received, we even had a beautiful testimony of gratitude for health regained from a very thankful mother.
This coming Sunday we start into the five weeks of Creation Time, focusing in on the gift of the only world we have. More on that soon.

Other thoughts

The radio announcer mentioned communications she had received about fall colours turning up in Ontario. Most were further north, but some trees in the Don valley are getting with the program, too.
Inspired by leaves changing colour and two recent family losses, I'm thinking about transitions. Loss seems to have the effect on me of closing the world right in during the first day or three. Then gradually I get my eyes back up to the far horizon, realizing, as so many have over the generations, how fleeting life is when looked at in the grand scheme of things. 
One life can have such a profound effect on family and friends, and the ripples persist long after a person dies. We celebrate in a funeral or memorial service that nothing of the deceased is "lost to God." A great and reassuring phrase.
Creation depends on the circle of life, of course. Compost is just as important as seeds. Nothing original in these thoughts, I know, just some gentle musing that may connect with your life this season of transition.

Posted by Robin Wardlaw

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