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We the people of Glen Rhodes United Church, are determined that our life together will be fully inclusive for people of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, differing abilities, ethnic origins and economic circumstances. Therefore, we hope that God will work in us so that we will be a sensitive congregation, willing to share our faith and gifts in language and worship, in the life and work of our church and wherever God calls us to do justice in the wider community, with compassion, fun and laughter

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Welcome back Sunday: September 7

Summer holidays are over soon for students. (Sorry to have to say that!) Churches tend to take a bit of a holiday in July and August, too. People go away, committee work slows down or stops, worship might be somewhat different. Now we’re getting ready to get back into gear.

At Glen Rhodes United, we’re very proud of our new purpose statement, and the renewed energy around the place for “building God’s dream.” We ended on a high note in June with a First Nations focused worship and then our big Pride service and parade participation a week later. There are several ideas under consideration now for new outreach, new activities starting in the fall to bring more peace and justice to the planet. And we want to work on our communications, especially social media, to better share the things we’re up to.
The United Church has been at the forefront of justice-seeking in Canada for a long time. Glen Rhodes has been at the forefront of the United Church, especially in its support of the membership and ministry of LGBTT people, and equal marriage. There are warm smiles here and also people passionate about making a place for everyone, both in church and in our society. Radical hospitality, we call it.
More details to come. Stay tuned.
Posted by Robin Wardlaw

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