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Friday, 27 June 2014

The music of our lives

On Wednesday the monthly evening service took place at Glen Rhodes. Evening makes for such a different experience. The numbers attending are smaller for one thing, but it's not just that. The ending of the day has a very different spirit than the beginning. 

We tend to do worship that is a bit more contemplative at these evening services, too. This time it was a focus on music. In particular, we used the music of the Taizé and Iona communities, in France and Scotland respectively. 

At the reflection part of the service, people talked about what music meant to them. The stories were fascinating. Many people went back to their childhoods, with tales of who taught or encouraged them to sing, or who told them to keep quiet. Powerful stuff to hear how significant those early experiences can be.

Got you thinking? Did you raise your voice in the choir as a child, or were you told to mouth the words and keep quiet? Church is a place where we still sing as a group. Kind of old-fashioned, but it turns out to just what a body needs to be in communion with others, and with the great Spirit that sings life into all things.

Posted by Robin Wardlaw

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