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We the people of Glen Rhodes United Church, are determined that our life together will be fully inclusive for people of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, differing abilities, ethnic origins and economic circumstances. Therefore, we hope that God will work in us so that we will be a sensitive congregation, willing to share our faith and gifts in language and worship, in the life and work of our church and wherever God calls us to do justice in the wider community, with compassion, fun and laughter

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Getting better

It's been a few days--I came down with a cold on the weekend. My sympathies to fellow sufferers.

My sniffling and sneezing has me thinking about illness as a metaphor. Is it a sickness in our species that leads to so much suffering and unfairness? If it is, what is the cure? Palm Sunday and Holy Week are almost here. Christians believe that the events surrounding Jesus' death reveal a sacred mystery that points to an answer.

Much of what makes life worse for people is our eagerness to get revenge, to hit back, balance the scales. One message of Easter is Jesus' refusal to meet violence, even deadly violence, with violence. Everyone in his day knew what the Roman empire was capable of. Crosses were common. Jesus would have been aware of how the empire treated people like him who challenged its ethic of might is right, winner take all.

The teaching of the cross has been of profound significance for countless generations of people suffering injustice. "Look. There is someone willing to share our suffering." It remains to be seen if the cross can also influence people with power, sensitizing them to the suffering they may be causing with their decisions. 

The Occupy movement, Idle No More and indigenous struggles all over the planet show peoples' yearning for economies and societies that sustain life. The people at Glen Rhodes are heavily invested in this concern for the planet. They are "thinking globally and acting locally" as the phrase goes. I am proud to be part of their mission.

My cold will be gone in a week or two, I'm sure. The illness that plagues humankind may take a bit longer. Every act of solidarity helps us get better.

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